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Enjoy our 5 step maintenance
guide for your property

Hey! How are we supposed to know if something needs repair unless you tell us? Now, cover your tracks by submitting via technology whenever possible!

Our preferred method is PropertyMeld.com, because it gives you (and us) real-time connections to your property manager, vendors, and calendars. In fact, as the information is updated, it is time stamped so we can hold all parties accountable at all times.

Make sure you give as many details as possible. Is it an emergency? Where is it happening? What do you think the cause is if you could guess?

When you are listing more than one issue, separate them out into different Melds, that way we can easily assign to more than one vendor. Take pictures before, during, and after the repairs.

Yay! Celebrate, you've done what you can, help is on the way.

When a work request has been received, we may contact you to try some easy steps to either gain more info or assist in rectifying the situation without a need for a vendor house call. These troubleshooting tips could be delivered via email, video, text, or call. So, be sure to be on the lookout and be ready to reply to our request to connect. Let your maintenance manager know your preferred form of communication.

Don’t forget to breathe.

When repair costs are expected to exceed the owner’s set maintenance limit, we send your work request and details to the owner for acknowledgment and approval. Please keep in mind, we are NOT authorized to do any repairs unless the repairs that have to do with FIRE, FLOOD, BLOOD, or HEAT. Often these owners are caught off guard with the unexpected expense and want to ensure that the vendor that is supplying the quote is giving them a fair and reasonable deal. Should the owner request a second (or even third) opinion, it is their right to do so.

This is when taking up a good meditation practice is wise.

When a vendor has been assigned, they will send you multiple days and times to choose for scheduling the repair. The faster you respond, the better, because these guys and gals fill up fast. Especially, if we are in the middle of a cold snap or it’s likely that communities are on the need all at once. Be courteous to our vendors and KEEP ALL YOUR APPOINTMENTS. If something comes up, that’s ok! Life happens. Just get back in touch with them right away and do your best to keep us in the loop.

Report to us:
  1. If a vendor is more than 15 minutes late without notifying you.
  2. If a vendor No-Shows and there is no resolve in place.
  3. If you have strong discomfort with any individual and want a second opinion on the matter.
If you wish you were in Costa Rica and this was all resolved when you return.

When the Meld, work order, or ticket has been marked COMPLETE, you will receive a notification of the completion and will be asked to RATE your EXPERIENCE. Do this! This is a great time to give us and the vendor feedback on the service.

Just remember, we are what we vibrate, so be careful what you send out into the Universe.

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No matter what your project, we make maintaining your property with quality professionals experts effortless
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